Seasonal specialities and products

Mushroom butifarra

Best accompanied by white rice or alternatively mushroom risotto.

Made with lean pork, a mixture of mushrooms, salt, pepper and natural casing.

Butifarra de calçots (Green onion butifarra)

Ideal for accompanying xatonada, a typical Catalan salad, and romesco sauce.

Made with lean pork, natural green onions cut into small pieces, salt, pepper and natural casing.

Butifarra with escalivada

Ideal for accompanying ember-baked potato and a good virgin olive oil.

Made with lean pork, pepper, onion, egg plant, salt, pepper and natural casing.

Egg butifarra

Made only during the months of February and March,

it consists of pork, egg, rice, salt, pepper, spices and natural casing. Boiled in the cauldron. Does NOT contain gluten.


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